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Towards the InIT Cloud Computing Lab (ICCLab)

We are building a Cloud Computing Living Lab. Principal motivations and objectives are

  • to innovate with the Swiss SME sector
  • to foster Cloud Computing uptake
  • to conduct academic research in all aspects of the Cloud Computing technology stack
  • include Cloud Computing topics into service engineering curriculum

The framework of choice is OpenStack, which apparently enjoys significant industry and academic support and has reached good levels of maturity. The lab will support pre-productive usage scenarios on top of OpenStack services as well as experimental research on OpenStack technology and potential extensions. A simplified and logical representation of the lab is shown in the figure.


The lab is equipped with 15 computing units, each running on 8×2.4 Ghz Cores, 64GB RAM and 4x1TB local storage per unit. To store templates and other data there is a 12TB NFS or iSCSI Storage which is connected to the switch with a 10Gbit Ethernet interface. The Computing Units are connected to a 1Gbit network for data and another 1Gbit net for control traffic.

The heart of the CCLab is the Management Server which provides an easy way to stage different setups for
different OpenStack instances (productive, experimental, etc). The Management Server provides a DHCP, PXE and NFS Server and some pre-configured processes which allow a computing unit to copy a master image into its RAM an run it from there. This provides a great deal of flexibility and support for different usage scenarios.

„Okay, that is pretty cool. When can make use of it?“

Not yet; we are working on it; the hardware arrived. Stay tuned.img_20120125_141057

On the TCP of ACM SIGCOMM 2012 – Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing

Hot topic to watch (see my earlier blog post on MCC).

SIGCOMM 2012 – MCC: Mobile Cloud Computing

Today the Internet Web Service is the main way we access any kind of information from fixed or mobile terminals. Some of the information is stored in the Internet Cloud, where computing, communication, and storage services are main services provided for Internet users. In a non-distant future many of our queries will be beyond current Internet scope and will be about the people, the physical environments that surround us, and virtual environments that we will be involved. Having witnessed the phenomenal burst of research in cloud computing, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is to extend cloud computing functions, services and results to the world of future mobile applications. MCC will address issues that current Internet Clouds or Mobile Computing Technologies alone cannot effectively or efficiently address.

The MCC workshop is intended to bring together researchers, developers, and practitioners in current mobile computing and cloud computing from academia, industry, and service providers, to share ideas, experiences, and practical implementations related to new MCC technologies and applications. Both position and working-in-progress papers are encouraged. Workshop participants will discuss emerging and future trends in research and application that integrate the cloud computing paradigm into mobile devices, mobile applications, security and privacy, and mobile services, evaluating the impact of mobile applications on cloud computing techniques. To that end, papers are solicited from all MCC related areas involving the interactions or integrations of mobile techniques and cloud computing solutions, including, but not limited to the following topics.

Paper Registration March 19, 2012
Submissions due March 26, 2012