Selected Talks

  1. TM Bohnert, “A new Era: Cloud Robotics”, Keyonte at ICIN 2017 Paris, Mar 2017
  2. TM Bohnert, “Cloud Robotics, Economic and Research Challenges”, Guest Lecture at University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal, Nov 2016
  3. TM Bohnert, “Cloud Robotics”, Keynote at APAC Innovation Summit 2016, Hong-Kong, Jun 2016
  4. TM Bohnert, ”Cloud Robotics”, Keynote at Open Cloud Day 2016, Winterthur, Switzerland, Jun 2016
  5. TM Bohnert, “Cloud Computing, today and tomorrow”, CEBIT 2016 Talk at Swiss Arena, Hannover, Germany, Mar 2016
  6. TM Bohnert, “IAESTE at the ZHAW Service Engineering Research Group”, Keyonte at IAESTE Annual Event, Prague, Czech Republic, Jan 2016
  7. TM Bohnert, ZHAW and Zurich as Host for IEEE Utility and Cloud Computing Conference 2018, IEEE Utility and Cloud Computing Conference 2015, Limassol, Cyprus, Dec 2015
  8. TM Bohnert, ”Cloud Computing after the Hype”, Keynote at Open Cloud Day 2015, Bern, Switzerland, Jun 2015
  9. TM Bohnert, Opportunities and Challenges in Software-defined 5G Network Architectures and emerging Agile Eco-Systems, Panel at IEEE Soft5G, London, UK, Apr 2015
  10. TM Bohnert, “Mobile Cloud Networking, Motivation, Vision, Challenges”, Dresden, Germany, Mar 2015
  11. TM Bohnert, “Mobile Cloud Computing: Uniting Cloud Computing and Mobile Networking”, iJOIN Winter School 2015, Bremen, Germany, Feb 2015
  12. TM Bohnert, ”FI-WARE, Technology Foundation for Future Internet Entrepreneurs”, FI-WARE InfoEvent, Vila Real, Portugal, Jan 2015
  13. TM Bohnert, ”FI-WARE, Technology Foundation for Smart Cities”, Fuseco Forum, Berlin, Germany, Nov 2014
  14. TM Bohnert, ”FI-WARE, Technology Foundation for Future Internet Entrepreneurs”, FI-WARE Bootcamp, Stockholm, Sweden, Oct 2014
  15. TM Bohnert, ”FI-WARE, Technology Foundation for Future Internet Entrepreneurs”, FI-WARE Bootcamp, Berlin, Germany, Sep 2014
  16. TM Bohnert, ”FI-WARE, Technology Foundation for Future Internet Entrepreneurs”, SpeedUp Europe Event, Hamburg, Germany, Sep 2014
  17. TM Bohnert, ”FI-WARE, Technology Foundation for Future Internet Entrepreneurs”, SOUL-FI Jump Event, Porto, Portugal, Sep 2014
  18. TM Bohnert, ”FI-WARE, A European Perspective on enabling Future Internet and Smart Cities”, Keynote, Bali, Indonesia, Jun 2014
  19. TM Bohnert, ”Computing, OpenStack, FI-WARE, FI-Ops and FI-LAB: Pillars of the Future Internet”, ENEI 2014, Porto, Portugal, Apr 2014
  20. TM Bohnert, ”Proposal for an FI-PPP Foundation”, FUSECO Forum 2013, Berlin, Germany, Nov 2013
  21. P. Harsh, TM Bohnert, “Mobile Cloud Networking”, FUSECO Forum 2013, Berlin, Germany, Nov 2013
  22. TM Bohnert, “Mobile Cloud Networking”, ITU Telecom World 2013, Bangkok, Thailand, Nov 2013
  23. TM Bohnert, P. Aeschlimann, P. Harsh, “Thoughts on Software Defined Networking”, IEEE SDN4FNS, Trento, Italy, Nov 2013
  24. TM Bohnert, A. Edmonds, “Cloud Computing and IoT”, EC ICT-Event 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania, Nov 2013
  25. TM Bohnert, “Mobile Cloud Networking”, EU-Korea Workshop, Seoul, South Korea, Oct 2013
  26. TM Bohnert, P. Aeschlimann, “Software Defined Networking in the Cloud”, International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), Zurich, Switzerland, Oct 2013
  27. I. Trajkovska, TM Bohnert, “P2P Multicast in KIARA with OpenFlow based QoS”, COST IC0906 Workshop, Ohrid, Macedonia, Oct 2013
  28. TM Bohnert, “Virtualization of Networks, SDN, and Cloud Computing”, Panel, VTC Fall, Las Vegas, USA, Sep 2013
  29. TM Bohnert, “Mobile Cloud Networking”, MCN National Workshop, Paris, France, Jul 2013
  30. TM Bohnert, “Notes on the Future Internet”, 4th European Future Internet Summit, Aveiro, Portugal, Jun 2013
  31. TM Bohnert, ”Cloud Computing and the Future Internet”, IEEE VTC Spring, Dresden, Germany, May 2013
  32. K. Benz, TM Bohnert, “High-Availability Technologies on OpenStack, a Framework for Architecture tests”, Conference on Future Internet Communications, Coimbra, Portugal, May 2013
  33. A. Edmonds, TM Bohnert, C. Marti, “Cloud Experiences: Past, Present and Future of the ICCLab“, Academic Compute Cloud Experience Workshop, Zurich, Apr 2013
  34. TM Bohnert, “OpenStack Technology and Ecosystem”, Datacenter Dynamics Converged, Zurich, Apr 2013
  35. TM Bohnert, C. Marti, “Platform as a Service: The Future of Software Development”, Keynote at Innovative Software Networking Conference, Winterthur, Switzerland, Feb 2013
  36. TM Bohnert, T. Taleb, “Towards Mobile Cloud Networking”, Keynote at ONIT Workshop co-located with IEEE GLOBECOM 2012, Anaheim, USA, Dec 2012
  37. T. Taleb, TM Bohnert, “Cross-Roads: Cloud Computing and Mobile Networking” 1st Int workshop on management and security technologies for cloud computing 2012, IEEE Globecom 2012, Anaheim, USA, Dec 2012
  38. TM Bohnert, “How to run a large-scale collaborative research project”, MobileCloud Networking Project Kick-off Meeting 2012, Regensdorf, Switzerland, Nov 2012
  39. TM Bohnert “OpenStack and the OpenStack Foundation”, Puzzle ITC Tech Talk 2012, Bern, Switzerland, Oct 2012
  40. TM Bohnert, “Software-Defined Networking in Cloud Computing Data Centers”, ITU Telecom World 2012, Dubai, UAE, Oct 2012
  41. TM Bohnert, “The ICCLab and FI-PPP Opportunities in Phase Two and FI-WARE”, ICTProposer’s Day, Warsaw, Poland, Sep 2012
  42. TM Bohnert, “The FI-PPP after One Year: Lessons Learned, Challenges and Opportunities Ahead”, 3rd European Future Internet Summit, Helsinki, Finland, Jun 2012
  43. TM Bohnert, A. Edmonds, C. Marti, F. Manhart, “The OpenStack Cloud Computing Framework and Eco-System”, CH-Open “Open Cloud and Public Administration”, Bern, Jun 2012
  44. TM Bohnert, “Vision and Status towards the Future Internet Technology Foundation”, Net!Works General Assembly 2011, Munich, Germany, Nov 2011
  45. TM Bohnert, “FI-WARE: The Future Internet Technology Foundation”, 2nd FUSECO Forum 2011, Berlin, Germany, Nov 2011
  46. TM Bohnert, “Interface to Network and Device Architecture of FI-WARE”, 2nd FUSECO Forum 2011, Berlin, Germany, Nov 2011
  47. TM Bohnert, “Business, Technology, and Future Internet Research”, Future Internet Symposium 2011, Vienna, Austria, Nov 2011
  48. TM Bohnert, “Research Recommendations on Networking for Cloud Computing, 27th Meeting of WWRF, Duesseldorf, Germany, Oct 2011
  49. TM Bohnert, “Joining The Future Internet Public-Private-Partnership: The FI-WARE Open Call”, ICTurkey, Istanbul, Turkey, Sep 2011
  50. M. Heller, TM Bohnert, “FI-WARE: The Technology Foundation of the Future Internet Public-Private-Partnership”, EuroView 2011, Wuerzburg, Germany, Aug 2011
  51. TM Bohnert, “Networks, Clouds, and Mobile Cloud Computing”, European Commission Cloud Networking Expert Workshop”, Brussels, Belgium, Jun 2011
  52. M. Heller, TM Bohnert, A. Friesen, “A Unified Service Description Language (USDL)”, 3rd FI-PPP Usage Area Workshop”, Brussels, Belgium, Jun 2011
  53. TM Bohnert, “Turning Challenges into Opportunities. SAP Co-Innovation with the Telecom Industry”, SAP Info Days for Telecom and Media Industries, Cologne, Germany, Jun 2011
  54. TM Bohnert, “Technological Transformations in the Telecom Industry”, Keynote at SAP Forum 2011, Mexico City, Mexico, Mar 2011
  55. TM Bohnert, “Generalized Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Cloud Computing. The GEYSERS Framework”, IEEE OFC 2011, San Diego, USA, Mar 2011
  56. TM Bohnert, “Global Future Internet Research”, Keynote at ICIN 2010, Berlin, Germany, Oct 2010
  57. TM Bohnert, “Future Internet Research and Mobile Innovation in Europe”, Motivation and Norwegian Computer Society Summit, Oslo, Norway, Sep 2010
  58. TM Bohnert, “Mobile Clouds in the Future Internet”, European Commission ICT Event, Brussels, Belgium, Sep 2010
  59. TM Bohnert, “Future Internet Research in Europe”, Intel European Research and Innovation Conference, Braunschweig, Germany, Sep 2010
  60. TM Bohnert, “Ongoing activities in preparation of the Future Internet PPP”, eMobility General Assembly, Venice, Italy, Sep 2010
  61. TM Bohnert, M. Miche, “Vehicle-to-Business Communications”, PreDrive Final Event, Ulm, Germany, Sep 2010
  62. TM Bohnert, M. Lindner, “Cloud Computing Primer”, ICT Future Networks and Mobile Summit, Florence, Italy, Jun 2010
  63. TM Bohnert, “The Future Internet Research Alliance”, European Commission FI-PPP Usage Areas Event, Brussels, Belgium, Jun 2010
  64. TM Bohnert, “The Future Internet Research Alliance”, Dansk-Norsk FI-PPP Info Event, Copenhagen, Denmark, Jun 2010
  65. TM Bohnert, “Towards a joint vision of the Future Internet: The Future Internet Research Alliance”, 1st Slovenian FI-PPP Info Event, Brdo, Slovenia, Jun 2010
  66. TM Bohnert, “SAP’s Future Internet Research Alliance and the Future Internet Public-Private-Partnership”, Keynote at the 1st European Future Internet Summit, Luxemburg, Jun 2010
  67. TM Bohnert, “SAP’s vision of the Future Internet for Enterprises”, Future Internet Assembly, Valencia, Spain, Apr 2010
  68. TM Bohnert, “A holistic Vision of the Future Internet in an Enterprise Context”, Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES) Cluster, Brussels, Belgium, Mar 2010
  69. TM Bohnert, “Mobile Cloud Computing”, Invited Talk at IEEE Enterprise Networking (ENTNET) 2009, co-located with IEEE GLOBECOM 2009, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Nov 2009
  70. TM Bohnert, “Future Internet Mobile Clouds”, Invited Talk at IMS 2009, Berlin, Germany, Nov 2009
  71. TM Bohnert, R. Uhle, “Pay-back Systems in Mobility Management”, Track “Industry Innovations”, SAP Automotive Symposium 2009, Berlin, Germany, Nov 2009
  72. TM Bohnert, R. Uhle, “Process-oriented Business Warehousing: Use Case Telematic Business Intelligence”, Session “Service- and Process-Oriented SAP NetWeaver BW”, SAP TechED 2009, Vienna, Austria, Oct 2009
  73. TM Bohnert, “Web-based Service Economies and the Future Internet”, 2nd 4WARD BIRD Workshop on the Future Internet, Brussels, Belgium, Sep 2009
  74. TM Bohnert, T. Kosch, “Common European architecture on cooperative systems for pan European interoperability:”, Invited Talk at “Perspectives of Cooperative Systems”, Joint Workshop of EasyWay and PRE-DRIVE C2X,  Brussels, Belgium, Jun 2009
  75. TM Bohnert, “Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication”, Invited Talk at the ERCIM eMobility Workshop co-located with WWIC 2009, Twente, Netherlands, May 2009
  76. TM Bohnert, “The Future Internet from an Enterprise Software Provider’s View”, Invited Talk at the 13th IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Optical Networking Design and Modeling (IEEE/IFIP ONDM 2009), Braunschweig, Germany, Feb 2009
  77. D. Staehle, TM Bohnert, “QoE based Resource Management in Wireless Networks”, Talk at the 29th VDE/ITG-Fachgruppe 5.2.4 Meeting, Aachen, Germany, Feb 2009
  78. TM Bohnert, “The Internet of Things from an Industrial Perspective”, Seminar of Internet Economics, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, Oct 2008
  79. TM Bohnert, “Future Internet/Post-IP Research: State of the Art”, Invited talk at the Dublin University College, Dublin, Ireland, Mar 2008
  80. TM Bohnert, “Broadband Everywhere”, Key Note at the 2nd IEEE Broadband Wireless Access Workshop co-located with IEEE CCNC?08, Las Vegas, USA, Jan 2008
  81. TM Bohnert, “Scientists in Focus: Thomas M. Bohnert”, European Science Foundation (ESF) COST Newsletter, Dec 2007
  82. TM Bohnert, “ESF COST 290: WiMAX Special Interest Group”, Address to the officers of the European Science Foundation (ESF) in support to the creation of a WiMAX SIG as part of ESF COST 290 Action, 8th COST 290 MCM, Malaga, Spain, Feb 2007
  83. TM Bohnert, “The Power of IPv6″, One-day tutorial with hands-on laboratory, University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany, Oct 2004

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