Running a WordPress-based Backup of your Blog in the RHCloud

The OpenShift-based RH-Cloud offers a whole variety of free services as part of the RHCloud community program. Among this list is cloud-based WordPress hosting.

After playing around for a while I was asking myself if it would be possible to run a backup of this blog ( in the RHCloud. Idea was to instantiate a WordPress instance in the cloud and to automatically push content from this, my original blog (hosted by, for way too poor value-for-money, classic-lock-in) to the RHCloud-based clone whenever a new post comes up.

Installing the WordPress instance on top of the RHCloud services is trivial; it took less than 5m, most of which was required to find a proper name for the blog ( It’s a true one-click-wordpress experience.

Another 5m later, the existing content was exported from and imported to, using the standard WP export/import plugin.

In order to push content automatically from the RHCloud-based WP-instance a content push plugin seemed to be the proper tool. There are quite a few of them available. A choice had to be made, between the  NextScripts Social Networks Auto-Poster and Push-Syndication Plugins. Eventually, the former seemed to be the one powerful and at the same time more intuitive to use.

Conclusion. It took ~30m, from account registration, WP-installation, content export-import, plugin installation and configuration over writing of this post to  have a fully-functional WP-clone in the RHCloud.



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