Talk and Panel at the International FI-PPP workshop, FUSECO Forum 2013, Berlin

Text borrowed from the original post publised at the XiFi Website


With participation of more than 50 guests and speakers the international FI-PPP workshop successfully provided a comprehensive overview of the status of all currently running projects of the FI-PPP programme. By involving FIRE and EIT ICT Labs representatives, synergies and sustainability options were discussed and an outlook on the next phase was provided.


The workshop started with an overview of the current status of the FI-PPP at programme level. Subsequently, the status of the FI-PPP Core Platform [FIWARE], FI-PPP’s Usage Areas [FISTAR, FI-SPACE, FI-CONTENT, FINESCE, FITMAN), as well as the status and achievements of FI-PPP’s Infrastructure and Capacity Building projects [INFINITY, XIFI] were presented.


Additionally, a number of European FI-PPP nodes provided presentations about their status highlighting that they are already offering FI-PPP’s Generic Enablers for application development and deployment, and their portfolio is expected to grow over time. Live demonstrations were present at the event and showed capabilities of FI-PPP node deployments as well as Generic Enabler usage in Usage Areas.


With representatives and presentations from the European Commission, FI-PPP’s programme-wide coordination action CONCORD, Europe’s Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) initiative and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) ICT Labs several options for sustaining FI-PPP’s results and approaches for future exploitations were discussed and synergies identified. Panel discussions about the upcoming phase III of the FI-PPP, as well as best strategies for participation of SMEs concluded the workshop.

A highlight at the demonstration space at the FUSECO Forum was the first demonstration of an early trial project running over an infrastructure node of the program. In particular the FI-STAR project demonstrated a first simple application running over the XIFI node available in Berlin.

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