Notes of the EU-Korea Workshop

Day One
Keynote by Martin Wiktorin, CEO Ericsson-LG
Different revolutions over the past century
From 1971 onward, IT and telecommunications revolution
Question TMB: Shouldn’t be there the Internet revolution since 1980?
Answer: Telecom and Internet is the same, depending on where one draws the line
Telco industry was long a connectivity and systems industry; trend now points towards a service industry
Key enablers, mobile networks, cloud, (one more)
About Ericsson in this industry: 2.5B subscribers over, 33K patents, 1.2B subscribers over networks managed by Ericsson
Day Two
Keynote by James CTO of Korea Telecom
Korea is the global testbed for novel ICT technologies, products, and services
Trends in Networks: Vendor-independent equipment vy standardized open interface (SDN), time-to-market
Trends in Platforms: HTML-5, Firefox-OS, N-Screen services
Trends in Services: Effortless interaction, wearable devices and sensors

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