FI-WARE and the 2nd FOKUS FUSECO Forum 2011

fuseco-forum-logo_2011Looking foward to the 2nd FOKUS FUSECO Forum 2011. Launched in 2010, see FUSECO 2010 blog entry, this event immediatelly proved to become a prime Future Internet event neatly located inbetween cutting edge research and business innovation. A definitive „must attend“ featuring an excellent mix of ICT and Non-ICT executives and Future Internet researchers.

A perfect place to present FI-WARE and the FI-PPP that both intrinsically fit the innovation oriented nature of this event. My slides are available for download (FI-WARE General and Open Call) and (FI-WARE I2ND Chapter).

Musa Unmehopa, Alcatel Lucent, France
– 1BN OMA enabled devices end of 2011

Bernd Wunderlich, IBM, Germany
– IBM runs a pilot on cloudified RAN with China Mobile

Dr. Dieter Schafhuber, Accenture, Germany
– LTE Network CAPEX in Germany 4.5B Euro
– Network makes for 60-70 percentages of total CAPEX on operator balance sheets
– Since 2007 network sharing (in particular mobile networks) is gaining significant momentum
– Full RAN sharing, saving 34/22 CAPEX, 32/25 OPEX (greenfield site/existing site)
– Saving, 6% after 5years (then exponential increase)
– US back-to-back-to-back example: Lightsquared leaes infrastructure from Sprint and Sprint leases wholesale network services from Lightsquared

Giulio Maggiore, Telecom Italia, Italy / ETSI TC INT Chairman, France
– ETP interoperability by ETSI (e.g. Diameter conformace testing)
– VoLTE interoperability test conducted in 2011
– Incorporation of WIFI access important
– Interoperability essential since Time-to-Market is continuously getting shorter
– OTT and classic telco provider business (for voice) is simply not cmparable (entirely different business, regulatory environment, etc)
– DIAMETER perhaps replaces SS7 completely in the future, but DIAMETER is not prepared/used for inter-provider scenarios, like for instance roaming

Christian Gayda, NSN, Germany (Christoph Aktas, VP RCS Standardisation, GSMA, UK)
– More than 100 companies involved in RCS, 30 telco incumbents
– Trails in France and Spain with encouraging user feedback for services like chat/voice/file-transfer/enhanced phonebook
– RCS will develop into RCS-e (RCE), to be announced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress
– RCS-e, live video, file sharing, 121 and group chat, VoLTE
– RCS-e to be comercially available in Germany, Spain, France, etc in first half of 2012

Franz Seiser, Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany

– DIAMETER not prepared for roaming but central component of LTE/EPC
– Circuit Swichted SMS/Voice: foreseen as interim solution, still many issues with call-setup times
– IMS-based VoLTE: Many issues with system integration with legacy networks (SR-VCC) and roaming, co-esisting RCS-e and VoLTE
– Mismatch of Roaming biz- and technology models between LTE/EPC and existing IMS-based approach

Dr. Guido Gehlen, Vodafone, Germany
– Vodafone ran an IPv6 and IMS test for automotive services
– Global data services (no roaming fees!) for in-car multi-media unit (nav + web services)
– IMS for M2M Usage Area

Alfonso Ehijo, University of Chile, Chile
– Chile first country that fully implemened Net Neutrality

HP Baumeister, Fraunhofer Digital Media Technologies, USA

– USA leading 4G market, AT&T and Verizon leading, Sprint and T-Mobile next
– Mobile Video will make for nearly 70% of traffic in 2014
– OTT lead worldwide mobile VoIP (Skype first)
– 20 % of voice services in North America already VoIP, expected to rise to 40% in 2014
– FaceTime on IPhones is catching up
– New concept of HD-VoiIP, worse than AM radio … Skype and Facetime way superior
– Solution, use State-of-the-Art codecs backed by stable licensing framework, that is AAC-ELD (used by FaceTime) de-facto royality free